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A bit austere and elegant this fragrance is a journey in time and in the memories of Sergio, on his encounter with Bergman and Rossellini, and the aroused awakening visit factory visit; Characterized by Verbena and Brazilian Orange seems fresh at rst glimpse, but reveals sensuality like The Nerolie the Sandalo, which with the passing of sublime time in a persistent and sensual cinnamon and patchouly.

Inspired by one of the most famous cars created by Sergio the 250 Testarossa, warm as passion, sensual and overwhelming as the Amber, which encloses all the colors of the Orient, is born from the encounter of orange and mangalor pepper, with a heart of precious woods of rose and saron, leaving room for a base of benzoin, Indian patchouly and vanilla.

Frangranza Gourmande, born from the encounter of fig and pasta, passed when, on a Sunday in the summer, champion Gilles Villeneuve, a guest of Scaglietti home, was welcomed by this sweet. Very simple in composition, this fragrance is enriched with Ozonate notes that give it the freshness typical of a summer breeze, where the scents of g leaves and gs make it a bounty, and Vanilla notes of the Caribbean and Mirra create the base of the sweet pastafrolla .of sublime time in a persistent and sensual cinnamon and patchouly.

Born to give a new interpretation to Sandalwood. This typically masculine scent inspired by the great Clay Ragazzoni when she attended the Scaglietti home, with hints of fresh Bergamot Calabrese and Lavanda, leaving the owers of the home garden Scaglietti, Rose and Jasmine of Grase up to sculpt in a powerful ensamble of Sandalwood and Amber Indiana, Cinnamon and Pepper that create ever-dierent sensations throughout the day


Sergio Scaglietti, well-known and esteemed Carrozziere in Modena and the World, friend and confidant of Enzo Ferrari, has been able to shape the iron with his hands and his creativity creating what are considered the most beautiful and expensive cars in the world, including the famous Ferrari Testarossa, the legendary Ferrari 250 GTO and the wonderful Ferrari 250 California. Sergio has wisely passed on his inventiveness to Simone, one of his nephews who, after years of study and work in the family business dealing with cosmetics, has created a line of four Eau de Parfumes inspired by the world of cars created by his grandfather, interpreting stories and memories of friends and characters as well as their cars at the renowned Scaglietti Carrozzeria.

The Racing Line takes inspiration from all the elements that have characterized the production of Sergio's car bodies: the harmonious curved and no sharp edges, so loved by Sergio, inspired the silhouette of the simple and elegant perfume bottle enclosed by a refined cap which recalls the wheel bolts.
The packaging, featuring an all-reusable and recyclable aluminum jar, recalls the aluminum with which car body experiments were carried out, also recalling the paint jars that were supplied to the car as a spare for any retouching, since even the Colors were tailor-made.
Sergio was one of the first to invest in laser serigraphy in its facilities, so this technology is reused for making the chosen packaging writing.
Tradition and innovation, this was Sergio's motto; dare with new shapes but never lose the sense of what you are doing. Also for scents, raw materials quality, articulated pyramids that over time develop their exuberance, simple and innovative packaging, but effective in not distracting attention to the true nature of the project: THE PERFUME.
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